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Blood in the Promised Land book cover

“Blood in the Promised Land is a beautiful novel that combines masterful development of plot, character, and narrative with moving reflection on the most profound questions of human experience, suffering, recovery, and redemption. Its central message is a poignant and inspiring one.”







“Sefrin carefully lays the foundation for his story. His images are extraordinary, his character development amazing, his writing so intense and authentic that I often lost sight of the fact that I was reading a fictional account. World War II has spawned countless novels of the era. Blood in the Promised Land is unique among them, as it gives readers a glimpse into the unresolved issues and bias, prejudice, and bigotry”

—Richard Blake, Reader Views


Under A Cloud Book Cover

“Excellently crafted...touching...a
pleasure to read. The characters are
multi-dimensional. The issues raised are
important and timely. Under A Cloud is,
simply, very good."

—Marilyn Olsen, president,
Public Safety Writers Association





“Save this book for the weekend, as you can expect to be up reading well into the wee hours! A compelling narrative, a thought-provoking conflict and complex, well-crafted characters dealing with tough issues make this a story you'll want to savor. Set against a gritty and authentic backdrop, the story explores the inner lives of police officers living and working on the firing line in a city torn by poverty, fear and racial tensions. In this mine field, an explosive accident becomes a catalyst that tears apart families, tests the characters' faith and ultimately forces a whole city to rethink its beliefs about racial profiling, fear, prejudice and heroism. But while the book deals with tough issues, the story is ultimately about healing; the heroes don't win with their weapons, but rather, through their ability to understand, reach out, and forgive. Author Eliot Sefrin writes with both style and heart, and the result is a story peopled with enormously endearing characters that you can't help but root for -- even as their challenges leave you looking at police work and racism in a whole new light. If you're looking for a lively, exciting story that will stay with you long past the final page, Under a Cloud is a must read!”

Janice A. Costa, author, Everything and the Kitchen Sink

“This is a five-star book! Eliot Sefrin does a marvelous job telling a gritty and compelling story, while at the same time showing the reader how the neighborhoods in New York have changed. I was reminded of James Lee Burke's writing as I read Sefrin's wonderful descriptions. Under A Cloud is a book to savor.”

Marilyn Meredith, author of Wingbeat, a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery

“The book is a detailed, graphic picture of New York City police individuals in the deteriorated streets of Brooklyn’s Brownsville section. It is centered around the aftermath of a particular incident and I believe the writer plumbed the depths of the emotions of all those involved, creating a very stark and stirring picture of the people and places herein. As for myself, there were times when I was overwhelmed and had to stop to collect myself before I could read on. I recommend it.”

Jackie Garfunkel, New Jersey, on

“Eliot Sefrin’s background in journalism shows clearly throughout the book. His attention to detail (and) his ability to take you into the dark streets of Brownsville is what makes the book a standout in its genre.”

Karen Treanor, reviewer, New Mystery Reader

Under A Cloud provides readers with an in-depth look into life in the politically- and emotionally-charged New York in the 1970s. If you experienced life in the ‘70s in New York, it brings you home. If you didn't, it puts you right in the middle of how those of us who were there experienced it. Sefrin's style keep you going from page to page and makes you an intimate part of all the lives that were affected by the good and bad times that made up the 70's. I highly recommend it to anyone who was there, and also to anyone who would like to learn what our generation experienced.”

Fran Miller, Texas, on

"At once, a captivating and riveting story (set) during a time when sweeping change across America was impacting a nation. Under A Cloud is truly an in-depth study of police in the early '70s. If you're ready for a journey of personal, professional and national impact, Under A Cloud is the book for you." 

Steven C. Bronson, reviewer

"Under A Cloud will have you riveted to your seat. It will take you through a death and rebirth -- of a hero, a family and a city. Truly, a must-read."

Sue Vogan,




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